"Hidden Treasure offers to take readers further and deeper in their spiritual understanding, not by offering a new theory, or philosophy, but by unveiling and describing the transformational psychology at the foundation of the Christian Gospels. Though embedded in the New Testament Gospels, this psychology of transformation transcends Christianity, as it’s not about a religion, or a church, or even about beliefs. It’s about the steps we can take to advance our consciousness and progress to a higher level in our evolution, individually and collectively. As such, this psychology is applicable to each of us, irrespective of cultural background, race, religious disposition or lack of one. The choice is up to each individual to apply, or not apply, the psychology. It all depends on how much we want to experience a change in consciousness to a higher level."

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For over thirty years, Aster Barnwell lived in two worlds: By day he worked as an economist (now retired), and on his own time, he pursued studies related to the transformation of consciousness. He s added studies in Astrology, Mythology, Jungian Psychology, and Eastern Philosophy to a life-long interest in the Bible. His excitement about our possibilities for spiritual awakening was ignited at the age of 29 after an experience of Enlightenment, brought on by the spontaneous release of an energy in our bodies known as Kundalini.
Aster’s spiritual experiences and studies provide the insights for his books The Meaning of Christ for Our Age (1984), The Pilgrims Companion (1992), Meditations on the Apocalypse (1993), and Hidden Treasure (2011). He s available for interviews, lectures and workshops on the themes of his books.
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“Hidden Treasure offers to take readers further and deeper in their spiritual understanding, not by offering...

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